Paynter Tire | $200 Raised for A Time to Live
Tire and Service Center in Winchester, KY
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$200 Raised for A Time to Live

$200 Raised for A Time to Live

Thank you to all of our customers who purchased Paynter Tire T-shirts for our “A Time to Live” Fundraiser. Through your generous donations, we were able to present this great organization with a $200 check.


A Time To Live is a shelter support group that stands beside the Clark Co. Animal Shelter in Winchester, KY by helping with the needs of the shelter animals. Their volunteers are focusing on decreasing the shelter’s population by placing animals in reputable rescues or responsible forever homes. Volunteers organize events that raise public awareness of the adoptable homeless animals at the shelter. Volunteers work with rescues and transport shelter animals. A Time To Live, Inc. sponsors medical needs of the shelter animals. 


Visit them online at 


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